Toronto, Ontario, 26-January-2012 – Energy Advantage Inc., a global leader in providing total energy and environmental management services, is pleased to announce it has been awarded the tender for development and implementation of an enterprise wide energy management program by its long-standing customer, Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG).

OLG for the past nine years has been actively engaged in energy management activities, including energy procurement, measuring and tracking its energy performance and implementing energy efficiency initiatives at its facilities. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a proactive energy program to control costs and mitigate risks, OLG’s renewed partnership with Energy Advantage focuses on the further development of existing initiatives, and expands the focus to include the development and execution of an organizational energy management strategy.

“We are expanding our existing energy and environmental management initiatives and combining all of our activities under one umbrella,” says Blair Tully, OLG. “The work we have completed with Energy Advantage has established a solid foundation to build on and support the implementation of a total energy management program across our facilities.”

Energy Advantage will work closely with OLG to develop a comprehensive program using its total energy and environmental management (TEEM) framework. Energy Advantage will combine its expertise in energy data management, procurement, efficiency and environmental management with its systematic delivery process to assess OLG’s energy and environmental performance and identify gaps and opportunities. Results from this assessment will feed into the program design and support program adoption during the implementation phase.

“We are thrilled to continue to support OLG with its energy management program,” says Glen Ferguson, Senior Vice President Energy Solutions, Energy Advantage. “Over the past nine years OLG has taken significant steps forward in managing their energy costs and consumption. It’s our commitment to take OLG to the next level and evolve their initiatives into an enterprise-wide program.”

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Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) is a provincial agency responsible for province-wide lottery games and gaming facilities. Since 1975, OLG lotteries, Casinos, Slots, and Resort Casinos have generated more than $34 billion for the benefit of the Province of Ontario. Gaming proceeds support Ontario’s hospitals, amateur sport, recreational and cultural activities, communities, provincial priority programs such as health care and education, and local and provincial charities and non-profit organizations through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. For more information visit