Toronto, Ontario, 3-November-2009 – The Green Energy Act in Ontario presents a number of opportunities for energy end-users in the province. This is particularly the case with the new and very generous Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program launched on September 30, 2009. However, with the FIT program organizations also face a number of challenges including:

  • Gaining a full understanding of incentives options and eligibility requirements;
  • Developing the renewable energy technology solution best aligned with business objectives, energy needs, and risk profile; and
  • Submitting an application under a very tight timeline.

These challenges are compounded by the range and diversity of renewable technology solutions, the numerous aggressive potential suppliers, and the complexities of the FIT program application process.

To qualify for priority consideration, FIT program applications must be received by November 30, 2009. For many organizations, meeting this deadline will not be easy. Energy Advantage can help. We have a comprehensive understanding of the FIT program, renewable technology solutions and substantial experience helping our customers benefit from different government and utility incentive programs.

Energy Advantage Renewable Energy Solutions

As a fully independent energy management company, Energy Advantage provides total program life-cycle solutions for these renewable energy challenges. We have assessed today’s leading renewable technology solutions and identified the potential benefits to our customers, including new revenue opportunities. Energy Advantage is not aligned with any renewable technology provider and thus we can approach your renewable energy challenges with objectivity and transparency.

Energy Advantage can work with you through each stage of the renewable energy program life-cycle from feasibility assessments, business case development, and solution design and procurement to overseeing implementation and the ongoing monitoring and verifying of results. We begin by assessing the relative merits of the different options available to you and guide you through the FIT program application process. This includes for example working with you to assess and evaluate the ‘value for money’ outcome on the various solar rooftop leasing and other related business propositions being offered by renewable technology solution providers. We sit on your side of the table with the goal of ensuring you meet your objectives and achieve the best return on your investment in renewable energy technology solutions and programs.

For more information on how we can help you meet your renewable energy challenges please contact Energy Advantage.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them best results in managing their risks, reducing their costs and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Our company is fully independent from energy commodity and equipment suppliers. We sit with our customers on their side of the table, providing objectivity in seeking and developing the best solutions to their sustainability challenges. With a depth of expertise in the energy and energy related environmental areas, we have been providing notable North American organizations with effective energy management solutions for over 12 years.