Toronto, Ontario, 03-March-2010 – Energy Advantage Inc. is pleased to announce that it has qualified as program evaluator for the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) pilot Data Center Incentive Program Initiative. The pilot program, currently underway by Toronto Hydro Electric System and PowerStream Inc., offers financial incentives to commercial and institutional organizations in return for a reduction in electricity demand in their data center operations.

Energy Advantage was selected by the OPA as the successful vendor of record to be sole evaluator for these pilot programs. As evaluator, Energy Advantage is responsible to verify energy (kWh) and capacity (kW) savings data provided by program operators for verification purposes. As well, Energy Advantage will provide the OPA with a dynamic qualitative and quantitative assessment of the overall program, a best practice evaluation approach, and valuation of a possible larger scale rollout of a data center program.

In North America, data centers represent approximately 1.5 per cent of the demand for electricity and account for 2 per cent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

Incentives will be paid to program participants at a rate of $300/kW to a maximum of 50 per cent of the project cost for verified peak kW reductions.

This pilot data center incentive program encourages electricity conservation through the use of improved equipment layout designs, the use of energy efficient products including server and software technology as well as improved air cooling systems.

For more information regarding the pilot program please visit Toronto Hydro Electric System’s or PowerStream Inc.’s websites.

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