Burlington, Ontario, 14-December-2009 – The Canadian Financial Executive Research Foundation (CFERF) and Energy Advantage Inc., research sponsor, have partnered to conduct a joint research initiative on holistic carbon management and the critical issues surrounding strategic finance.

The strategic impact of carbon use on the overall business sustainability of organizations is well established, including financial, operational and competitive risks and challenges. Furthermore, several marketplace events are underway which will place the management of carbon use into the broader operational mainstream of business. While awareness of the above perspectives exists across the majority of the business community, the actual impact of these and other carbon related challenges on the Chief Financial Officer will be profound.

The purpose of the research study is to examine the strategic issues facing Canadian organizations today emerging from the North American carbon use statutory and regulatory activities underway and to discuss solutions that the Chief Financial Officer, given his/her holistic perspective, may offer to their respective businesses as they prepare to respond to these issues.

Energy Advantage Inc. and CFERF’s joint research initiative includes a research survey distributed to Financial Executive International’s 10,000 members, executive research report and executive research forum.


CFERF is a leading Canadian not-for-profit think tank and the research institute of Financial Executive International Canada. CFERF has a unique focus on the issues most pressing to strategic financial management in Canadian companies.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

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