Vancouver, British Columbia, 15-June-2009 – British Columbia is leading Canadian provinces in the battle against climate change by taking decisive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In establishing strict regulations, such as, Greenhouse Gas Target Reduction Act – public sector carbon neutrality by 2010, reduced greenhouse gas emission of 33% by 2020 -and the implementation of consumer based carbon tax, British Columbia has demonstrated its commitment in fostering and conserving a sustainable community.

As an energy management firm we have taken many steps ourselves to help assist organizations in British Columbia achieve such goals. The programs listed below highlight some of the initiatives we are a part of.

BC Hydro’s Power Smart Program– Energy Advantage is a member of BC Hydro’s Power Smart Alliance. As a member, we are part of a network of independent contractors and engineers that work with you to access and implement energy management solutions and make smart energy investments. In addition, under BC Hydro’s Energy Manager Program, Energy Advantage is providing energy management services to organizations to help establish and maintain best energy management practices. As part of this program, we have worked with organizations, such as, Northern Health Authority, City of Prince George and College of New Caledonia.

Professional Carbon Planning Consultant– the Ministry of Labour and Citizen Services’ recognizes Energy Advantage as a qualified professional carbon planning consultant under the Corporate Supply Agreement. As a carbon planning consultant we help organizations create greenhouse gas emission strategies, prepare action plans, oversee the implementation of greenhouse gas management plans, quantify and verify emission reductions and offsets. You will be able to find us under EAI Energy Solutions (our British Columbia legal name).

Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement Submissions– Energy Advantage has submitted numerous PSECA applications and have secured over $5.0 million in funding on behalf of clients. We are also a Technical Reviewer of PSECA applications under the Ministry of Labour and Citizen Services. Under this contract we review PSECA application on behalf of the Ministry to ensure accuracy prior to release of funding.

Energy Management Information Systems – Under BC Hydro Power Smart Continuous Optimization Program Energy Advantage is a qualified supplier of an Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) solution. Energy Advantage has partnered with Energent Incorporated to offer a powerful statistical energy modeling and monitoring & targeting solution along with precise bill validation and online tools to track, monitor, and assess energy data and facility energy performance.

On top of the programs mentioned above, Energy Advantage has been involved in completing Carbon Neutral Action Plan reports and as a pre-qualified carbon planning consultant we are familiar with the soon to be released Smart Tool application.

British Columbia’s actions are creating a broader awareness and highlighting the necessity for climate change mitigation across Canada and North America. Energy Advantage is prepared and qualified to help organizations tackle their energy challenges and contribute to British Columbia’s leadership in the battle to beat global warming.

For further information on Energy Advantage or any of the programs listed above please contact our BC representative Luke Ferdinands at (604) 345-9594 or via email

About Energy Advantage Inc.

Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them best results in managing their risks, reducing their costs and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Our company is fully independent from energy commodity and equipment suppliers. We sit with our customers on their side of the table, providing objectivity in seeking and developing the best solutions to their sustainability challenges. With a depth of expertise in the energy and energy related environmental areas, we have been providing notable North American organizations with effective energy management solutions for over 10 years.