Burlington, Ontario (28-March-2013) – Energy Advantage Inc., a leader in providing independent total energy and environmental management services to end-user customers, is pleased to announce that its internal controls and systems are compliant with the new Canadian standard for third party assurance reporting, CSAE 3416.

CSAE 3416 is a professional standard used by independent third party auditors to rigorously assess the internal control objectives of service organizations.

This compliance proves Energy Advantage’s controls for its utility bill payment and reporting services are fairly designed and provide reasonable assurance that control objectives are met and operating effectively.

“This certification demonstrates to our customers that our services are maintaining effective and efficient internal controls,” says Rob Kirkby, Chairman & CEO, Energy Advantage Inc. “Our continued compliance to Canadian third party assurance reporting proves the quality and safety of our operating procedures and controls.”

The new service organization reporting standard was updated to align with international control standards, specifically the United States SSAE 16. CSAE 3416, compared to its predecessor CICA 5970 is more complex and includes intricate new requirements and important updates to previous ones.

This is Energy Advantage’s first year complying with the new standard. The Company has complied with CICA 5970 for the past six years. Achieving CSAE 3416 certification takes Energy Advantage’s reporting compliancy to a whole new level.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

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