Charlotte, North Carolina, 28-March-2011 – Energy Advantage Inc., a leading North American energy and sustainability management company and JTD Retail Strategies (JTDRS), a Supermarket facilities, store development and business strategy expert, today announced they have formed a strategic partnership focused on the US Supermarket industry. Together they will help Food Retailers ‘operationalize’ their sustainability initiatives to achieve on-going energy savings, reduce their environmental impact and enhance their competitive position.

Both Energy Advantage and JTDRS have significant supermarket expertise and a long track-record of delivering tangible results to food retailers. They recognize the competitive advantages available to food retailers who can reduce their operating expenses and enhance their consumer reputations by successfully implementing a broad range of sustainability initiatives.

“We recognize the challenges food retailers face operating in today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive environment,” says Jeremy Newhook, Senior Vice-President, Energy Advantage. “Through our proven comprehensive and data-oriented approach, Energy Advantage has been able to develop and implement economical solutions that have successfully driven millions of dollars of operating cost efficiencies for retailers such as Sobeys, McDonald’s, Lund Foods and Metro. “We are excited about the practical and hands-on supermarket industry insights that we will gain through our new partnership with JTDRS, and know that their broad operations experience and keen business understanding of the challenges faced by the Supermarket industry will allow us to drive even stronger results for our clients.”

“With over 16 years of executive level facility operations and store development experience at SUPERVALU, I clearly understand the opportunity to drive significant expense savings and brand awareness through the successful implementation of comprehensive sustainability strategies”, says John Domino, President, JTD Retail Strategies. “With Energy Advantage we have a partner who has a broad experience and a demonstrated track-record of delivering tangible bottom-line results to supermarkets and other food retailers throughout North America.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

Energy Advantage has a proven track record in delivering comprehensive energy and environmental management solutions to large-scale, multi-facility North American organizations. As a fully independent organization that sits on its ‘customers’ side of the table, Energy Advantage provides managed data services, analysis and solutions which help its many longstanding customers make informed business decisions to achieve improved risk management, lower costs and reduced environmental impact. Energy Advantage has helped its customers across the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors reduce their energy costs by up to 20%, representing $10’s of millions in tangible benefits. For more information visit

About JTD Retail Strategies

JTD Retail Strategies brings broad bottom line focused facilities, store development and business strategy solutions to food retailers, investors and suppliers to the supermarket industry. JTDRS is well-known and highly respected within the supermarket industry for their achievements leading operating expense reduction and new store growth initiatives with both smaller independent supermarkets operators and large corporate supermarket companies. For more information contact John Domino at .