Charlotte, North Carolina, 1-March -2011 – Energy Advantage Inc., a leading North American energy and sustainability management company and IJM Enterprises (IJM), a prominent Consulting and Advisory firm to the North American Movie Theatre industry, today announced that they have formed a strategic relationship focused on the US Movie Theatre industry. Together they will help Movie Theatre organizations ‘operationalize’ their sustainability initiatives to achieve energy savings, reduce their environmental impact and enhance their reputation with their customers and employees alike.

Both Energy Advantage and IJM bring a commitment and successful track-record within the Movie Theatre industry and recognize the business impact of sustainability challenges on the industry which can impact their risks, costs and reputation.

“We recognize the challenges faced by Movie Theatres in meeting consumer and employee expectations to reduce their environmental impact” says Jeremy Newhook, Senior Vice-President, Energy Advantage. “Through our successful experience with Cineplex Entertainment and other consumer sensitive multi-location organizations our belief is that together with IJM we can help Movie Theatre organizations develop and implement solutions that are economical and truly drive tangible results. We are excited about this important new relationship with IJM, as they are a highly regarded and trusted advisor to the Movie Theatre industry”.

“IJM is associated today with theatre projects accounting for 15 out of the current “Top 50” highest grossing theatre complexes in the US and because of this we have a clear understanding of the importance that Movie Theatre companies are placing on finding effective solutions to their sustainability challenges”, says Ira Jay Mitchell, Founder & President, IJM Enterprises. “With Energy Advantage we have a partner who has a demonstrated track-record in the delivery of tangible business results to the industry”.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

Energy Advantage has a proven track record in delivering comprehensive energy and environmental management solutions to large-scale, multi-facility North American organizations. As a fully independent organization that sits on its ‘customers’ side of the table, Energy Advantage provides managed data services, analysis and solutions which help its many longstanding customers make informed business decisions to achieve improved risk management, lower costs and reduced environmental impact. Energy Advantage has helped its customers across the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors reduce their energy costs by up to 20%, representing $10’s of millions in tangible benefits. For more information visit

About IJM Enterprises

IJM Enterprises is a privately owned Los Angeles based consulting company specializing in movie theatre leasing and development. IJM Enterprises clients include developers, real estate investors, and institutional clients. Consulting assignments include the strategic evaluation, negotiation, and development/redevelopment planning for the theatre anchor in retail projects. Over the last 20 years IJM has represented over 150 clients and has been responsible for guiding the development and evaluation of 200+ theatre locations which contain 2,500+ screens and 10,000,000+ square feet.