Targeting a Full Range of Commercial Sectors in North America, New Partnership Forges a Systematic Approach and Powerful Tools for Energy and Sustainability Optimization and Outstanding Cost Reductions.

Chicago-based SaaS company, Goby, has announced it has formed a technology platform and program services partnership with Energy Advantage, an energy and sustainability (E&S) program management services firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada. The new relationship combines Goby’s robust invoice automation, data capture and analysis technology with Energy Advantage’s unique systematic approach to reducing energy, water, waste and related maintenance costs. Commercial clients throughout North America will be able to implement ‘best in class’ E&S programs which leverage powerful tools and a methodical program management process to capture the best material savings possible, optimize energy, water and waste consumption and meet ESG goals while providing streamlined reports to ENERGY STAR, GRESB, CDP, SASB, GRI and the Canada Global Reporting Initiative.

Founded in 2008, Goby’s SaaS platform streamlines the invoice automation process, speeds up approvals, cuts costs, and eliminates errors and late fees. Data acquisition is 100% hands-off for its clients, eliminating the need for scanning, saving and forwarding of paper invoices. Goby is a recognized market leader for its sustainability reporting solutions. For the past six years, Goby has been named by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the year, the four past years being ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year with Sustained Excellence.

While already proven as a leader in data management overall, Goby’s automated technology is a particular advantage when applied to utility bill data which is notoriously more complex than other bills. They can provide complete data capture with an extremely high degree of data integrity and a systematic analysis from an environmental perspective.

“Our partnership with Energy Advantage is highly valued and we look forward to working with Energy Advantage as it enhances its energy and sustainability data management capabilities and we continue to build on our trusted data and reporting foundation to enhance our properties’ sustainability performance on behalf of our asset owners, shareholders and tenants,” says Ken Cowan, VP Risk and National Programs Morguard Corp.

With more than 20 years of experience in the energy & sustainability field, Energy Advantage serves a full range of commercial sectors including real estate, retail, cinema, hotels, senior care and restaurants. As a trusted and fully independent partner, Energy Advantage’s energy & sustainability program service systematically selects from the broadest set of E&S options available the right measures in the right order with the right suppliers at speed to help its clients achieve materially beneficial results in cost savings, occupant well-being, risk management and brand enhancement using minimum capital and in the shortest time possible.

“By combining Energy Advantage’s industry-leading energy & sustainability program service with Goby’s powerful technology, we can offer commercial users a seamless, secure platform to manage utility bill automation, energy management & sustainability reporting, and achieve dramatic results,” said Goby’s CRO, Helee Lev.

“Core to our energy and sustainability (E&S) management service is our ability to leverage and integrate all relevant energy, water, waste, maintenance and asset data to drive meaningful E&S savings and other benefits for our clients. Our clients will now benefit from Goby’s ‘best in class’ E&S application solution while we in turn can help Goby clients to implement best in class E&S programs focused on results,” said Energy Advantage’s Shane Pepin, Vice-President, Product & Information Management Development.

About Goby:
Goby is an Accounts Payable and ESG Solutions platform. Its users save time, mitigate risks, and increase ROI with powerful invoice automation, workflows, and analytics. Founded in 2008, Goby has 50 employees and hundreds of clients across the globe. In 2015, Goby raised $5M in series A funding, backed by Toronto-based GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund (GBIF), with participation from existing investor, Second Century Ventures, the venture arm of the National Association of Realtors. To learn more, visit Goby at

About Energy Advantage:
Energy Advantage (EAI) was founded over twenty years ago to help its customers manage their energy and sustainability (E&S) investments wisely. EAI’s E&S management service delivers best in class programs through its comprehensive knowledge of the E&S measures and vendors available in the marketplace, systematic delivery process, powerful E&S ‘big data’ platform, and a program-centric governance approach to help its customers achieve the most materially beneficial results regardless of products, services or software solutions deployed or vendors engaged. This service is designed to ensure customers get the best possible outcomes using minimum capital and in the shortest time possible by always doing the right things in the right order with the right vendors.

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