Burlington, Ontario, 28-May-2009 – As we creep further into the 21st century, new and improved information technologies continue to propel growth in the business world. Energy Advantage recognizes the importance of improving its services to keep up with our clients’ need for fast flowing and meaningful information. To this goal, we are pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced web portal. We have listened to your comments and suggestions and have built this service with your requirements in mind. It will provide you with more up to date information, a greater level of accessibility to your data and reports, and a central location for all your energy & environmental information and resources.

Knowledge is power. The web portal includes two sections devoted to learning more about energy and environmental management. The first contains websites that specialize in areas such as Demand Response, Energy and Power Management, investment markets and much more. The second section contains news feeds and articles relating to energy and environmental management that are updated daily.

Climate change has moved to the forefront of public consciousness and pressure on companies and organizations is mounting from all sides including employees, investors, customers, governments, and the general public. The Energy Advantage web portal dedicates space specifically for emissions reporting. Here, you will be able to easily see the total carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) emissions that are being generated directly or indirectly from the use of such commodities as electricity, natural gas and fuel oil. The related dashboard translates all efforts to reduce emissions into the equivalent tree seedlings grown for 10 years and cars removed from the road.

Other web portal enhancements include the ability to view your utility invoices, to see the cost savings that have been discovered by Energy Advantage’s team of Quality Analysts, and to create custom reports based on your unique needs.

We will be aiding in your transition from the existing business intelligence website to the new web portal in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to demonstrating the new capabilities outlined above and to hearing your feedback.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them best results in managing their risks, reducing their costs and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Our company is fully independent from energy commodity and equipment suppliers. We sit with our customers on their side of the table, providing objectivity in seeking and developing the best solutions to their sustainability challenges. With a depth of expertise in the energy and energy related environmental areas, we have been providing notable North American organizations with effective energy management solutions for over 10 years.