Today’s energy & sustainability ‘playing field’ offers more opportunities than ever for organizations to achieve material bottom line results of 20% savings or more – Why aren’t many organizations achieving the best material results possible in their energy & sustainability initiatives?

Energy & Sustainability Playing Field

Many organizations have growing concerns about the bottom-line impacts of energy & sustainability (E&S) challenges on their highest controllable costs (outside of labor & rent) of energy, water, waste and related maintenance. Adding to this list are the further impacts on occupant well-being; risks; and brand reputation: Energy Advantage has witnessed through its broad commercial customer base the continued escalation of E&S issues and their business impact. At the same time, the breadth and depth of the playing field of measures, technological options and vendors available to respond to these issues has expanded at a rapid pace.

Today the ‘E&S Playing Field’ offers the opportunity to achieve material bottom-line results unlike ever before. With this playing field of opportunities there is also a much higher degree of complexity to determining the right measure in the right order with the right supplier to capture this promise.  The result in our experience is that many customers continue to leave material benefits on the table and struggle to tackle the E&S opportunity in a manner that achieves substantial positive bottom-line results.

E&S Playing Field

Minimum of 20% Enterprise-wide E&S Savings

There is no ‘silver bullet’ measure in the E&S Playing Field to achieve the best material results possible – which today is likely a minimum of 20% enterprise-wide savings over a 3-year period. No single product, service or software solution that can produce a significant percentage of potential E&S savings. Rather, it takes a holistic view, systematic approach and the right combination of a significant number of measures to reduce overall E&S costs by a minimum of 20% over a multi-year period.

Rate of change, options and complexity make it difficult for organizations to keep abreast of energy & sustainability opportunities: Further adding to the challenge is the reality that many organizations have minimal or even no resources dedicated to tackling the E&S opportunity. Given the large number of options and the rate of both institutional and technological change in the marketplace today, this makes it next to impossible for organizations to keep abreast of developments in the E&S arena let alone implement effective programs.

In our experience, less than optimal results can usually be boiled down to some combination of 3 things:

  • Lack of a solid governance strategy to ensure the executive commitment, business value and staying power found with other successful organization initiatives.
  • Inadequate energy and sustainability information management tools & capabilities to quickly identify the applicability and materiality of available cost saving opportunities and inadequate performance analysis and reporting required to maintain program momentum.
  • Lack of a reliable and repeatable implementation process for continuously identifying, confirming and implementing the next best E&S product or service that will have the greatest material positive impact on the customer’s business.

A New Way Forward to Capture the Best Possible Results

Considering the above, Energy Advantage offers a new and evolutionary service to act as our customers’ ‘Energy & Sustainability Department’. This evolutionary approach helps our customers capitalize on today’s material E&S opportunities and systematically implement the right measures, in the right order with the right players to win the game.

We do this by working with our customers on an ongoing basis to: develop or improve existing E&S governance processes; establish a solid information management platform so that required E&S information is at their fingertips; and implement a repeatable implementation process to continually identify, confirm and roll-out the next E&S product or service.

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