Grocers face an array of complex business challenges every day. Dealing with these challenges directly impacts their bottom line results:

  • Massive disruption from on-line retailers
  • Controllable cost increases
  • Constantly re-inventing their customer experience
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Managing a volatile work-force
  • Driving increased sales
  • Responding to competitive price pressures

Opportunity to Reduce Costs by a Minimum of 20%

Most grocers understand that energy, water, waste, and related maintenance represent (outside of labour) their highest controllable costs. Further cost pressures in these areas comes from expanded fresh and in-house prepared food offerings which increase energy and overall waste. Many have implemented some form of energy and sustainability (E&S) projects and practices. While these E&S actions have delivered results, they have been less than what is possible. Compounding their challenge is limited energy and sustainability resources, availability of capital and the confusing array of choices, vendors and products available in the E&S marketplace.

With the opportunity to reduce these costs by a minimum of 20% – where $1 savings in E&S costs is equivalent to 25 times this value in sales –  What are the best practices to follow? How do grocers achieve the best material results possible? What leads to on-going buy-in from their store associates & operations teams? What tools exist to support on-going program management and reporting? What is the payback period of their investment?

Most importantly, how can grocers meet their energy and sustainability goals in a manner that delivers superior on-going bottom line results?

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Indiana Grocery Group’s Director of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance, Don Erminger, talks about his experience “Energy Advantage helped us implement and manage a holistic energy, waste and maintenance program which reduced our store-wide energy costs by over 25% and directly link store energy efficiency, store operational practices, waste management and related maintenance processes to reduce our costs of energy, waste and maintenance.”

Some of our supermarkets clients are:

Stack and Van TilMetro


The Foundation of An Ongoing Energy and Sustainability Program

Information Management

The Centrepiece of a Successful Energy and Sustainability Program


A Systematic Approach to Achieve the Very Best Results Possible