Facing Rising Controllable Costs

Retailers operate in one of the most disrupted markets that exist today. They must constantly look to re-invent themselves; retain and attract new customers; and remain economically viable. As they transform their customer experience and merchandising strategies they also face rising controllable costs of energy, water, waste and related store maintenance. These costs together represent their 3rd highest store operating costs after rent and labour.

No Single Measure That Can Tackle the Challenge

While many retailers have taken actions to reduce these costs the expected results have been either elusive or are far less than desired. Why is this? Many reasons exist. First and foremost, there is no one single measure that can tackle the challenge – the reality is that the best material results call for the implementation of several changes in equipment, operational practices and staff behaviour.

Compounding this challenge is the need to balance energy efficiency measures with customer comfort and experience. Finally, many retailers have stores of different size and vintage which exist in regions with different utility tariff and regulatory structures. Adding to all this complexity is the plethora of Energy & Sustainability (E&S) measures, options and vendors available in today’s marketplace.

Reduce Controllable E&S Costs by Over 20%

The reality is that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to achieving the expected material results. It takes corporate stamina combined with E&S systematic processes, information management capabilities, and a comprehensive knowledge of the E&S market to achieve the best results possible; areas which many retailers may not be well equipped to handle alone. Given that effective energy & sustainability (E&S) programs can reduce controllable E&S costs by over 20% finding an approach that works is worth the effort.

How can retailers meet their energy and sustainability goals in a manner that delivers superior on-going bottom line results?

Energy Advantage can help retailers sort through all the confusion and reduce energy, water, waste, and related maintenance costs by a minimum of 20%.

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The Foundation of An Ongoing Energy and Sustainability Program

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The Centrepiece of a Successful Energy and Sustainability Program


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