Three Times the Energy Intensity of Other Commercial Buildings

Restaurants operate on narrow profit margins. Staff turnover is high. Regulations are changing, often at a municipal level, creating a patchwork of requirements for compliance. In the face of these challenges their energy, water, waste and related maintenance costs continue to rise. According to the US Energy Information Administration, restaurants are the most energy intensive commercial buildings in the United States; three times the energy intensity of other commercial buildings.

Energy, water and waste costs represent some of restaurants’ highest controllable costs today. In response to changing guest tastes, new formats, menu options and automated processes are being rolled out which are increasing the energy and water use in restaurants. Compounding the cost reduction goal is the requirement to provide an un-compromised and consistent guest experience. Adding to all this complexity is the plethora of Energy & Sustainability (E&S) efficiency measures, options and vendors available in today’s marketplace.

Finding a Way Forward is a Major Challenge

There are so many vendors pitching energy and water efficiency solutions that it’s no wonder that trying to figure out which ones are most relevant and will yield the best return is a major challenge. With all of this in mind, finding a way forward is certainly worth the effort given the potential material bottom-line impact of effective energy & sustainability (E&S) programs.

How can restaurants meet their energy and sustainability goals in a manner that delivers superior on-going bottom line results?

Energy Advantage can help you sort through all this complexity and reduce energy, water, waste, and related maintenance costs by a minimum of 20%.

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