Senior Care & Living

Senior Care & Living

Tough Market, Funding & Regulatory Conditions

Senior Care and Living (Senior Care) organizations today face reduced funding levels, constant changes in health and safety regulations, new delivery options in marketplace for care and living, new minimum wage pressure in many jurisdictions, and the necessity to update facilities with limited capital in order to meet today’s marketplace standards. This in the face of an ever-growing aging population seeking an active life-style and a higher quality care experience.

An Untapped Bottom-Line Opportunity

Energy, water, waste and related maintenance represent Senior Care organizations highest controllable costs (after labor & rent) yet many are ill-equipped to manage these energy and sustainability (E&S) costs given their limited E&S resources, expertise, systems, and processes. Further complexity is brought on by the number of E&S measures and supplier options in the marketplace. As a result, these costs often remain an untapped bottom-line opportunity. An effective approach to tackle energy and sustainability opportunities can:

  • Reduce these controllable costs by a minimum of 20%
  • Contribute to a higher quality & healthier living environment for residents
  • Improve the overall attractiveness of the Senior Care organization within its market.

With the Senior Care operators industry average profit margins today every $1 in controllable bottom-line cost savings can equate to 10-20 times its value in revenue.

The savings and facility ‘health’ benefits delivered by E&S programs represent untapped material value to Senior Care operators.

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The Foundation of An Ongoing Energy and Sustainability Program

Information Management

The Centrepiece of a Successful Energy and Sustainability Program


A Systematic Approach to Achieve the Very Best Results Possible