Operating Cinemas is a Challenging Business

To maximize ticket sales and concessions each location must differentiate itself as the preferred customer choice and best experience, and have remarkable staff and management to make it all happen. The focus on these critical business requirements leaves few resources to dig deeply into operations and internal costs.

Uncover the hidden bottom-line Opportunity

Sitting below your balance sheet revenue and big cost lines are the overlooked controllable costs of energy, water, waste and their related maintenance expenses. While there are a few industry “opportunists” who have mined these savings most operators miss this hidden opportunity, and don’t take advantage of the material bottom line impact readily available from cost savings in these areas. The delivered value from expertly reducing these costs can compare to growing revenues by 10 to 25 times for the same bottom line dollar impact – $1M saved can impact your bottom line as much as $10 to 25M of revenue growth.

How does an exhibitor take best advantage of this waiting opportunity?

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Landmark Cinemas Canada’s COO, Bill Walker reflects on their program, “We don’t have the size to warrant hiring a dedicated energy manager. Having a partner like Energy Advantage on our program has allowed us to identify and investigate areas of savings that we would otherwise not have been able to get to.”

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The Foundation of An Ongoing Energy and Sustainability Program

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