Information Management

Information Management

“Information Management (IM) is the 2nd leg of our E&S department service and is designed to be a single, highly accessible, and comprehensive resource in support of our clients’ energy & sustainability program information needs. It works together with governance and our repeatable implementation process to place at our fingertips all of the data which impacts E&S performance to help our clients make better, faster, and more informed decisions to support their program goals.”

A Centerpiece for Highly Accessible E&S Information

Information Management (IM) represents the 2nd leg of our E&S department service. The IM component is designed to bring together all the data relevant to the customer’s E&S program in a single system and common format to act as the ‘single source of truth’.  It works with all types of E&S related data and provides the ability to efficiently make decisions on the next best opportunities to be rolled out in the right order with the right vendor.

The IM component will provide a single place for the E&S program’s data analysis, extraction and performance reporting. Through our extensive customer and market experience we have considered the unique E&S related data needs of multi-location real estate, retail, supermarket, restaurant, cinema and long-term care sectors critical to delivering best in class programs.

The IM component contains 3 key integrated parts and is designed to support the data value chain of E&S management activities.

  • Comprehensive E&S Data Warehouse
  • E&S Performance Reporting Portal
  • Energy & Sustainability Applications

Data Repository – The data warehouse is built to maximize the breadth and depth of E&S data in support of the multitude of client data management needs. We can receive, store, consolidate and deliver data from multiple subject areas such as energy, water, waste, emissions, related maintenance, asset and building characteristics in multiple forms (e.g. utility, real-time, 3rd party E&S applications, E&S service vendors) for multiple uses and audiences.

Performance Reporting Portal – The IM component contains an online performance reporting & analysis portal designed for users to quickly access, review and analyze their data to support and monitor the impacts of the E&S management decisions. Content is designed to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders in an easily accessible format.

E&S Applications – We provide for the ability to host an increasing library of applications to better support the processes associated with best in class E&S management practices. These applications will be used in conjunction with our energy and sustainability department service.

  • Our E&S Department IM component supports a wide variety of application needs such as: Normalization Tools (Weather, KPIs)
  • Data Collection and Management Tools
  • Monitoring & Verification Tools
  • Public Reporting Compliance support for:
    • Energy Star Portfolio Manager
    • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
    • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)
  • E&S ‘Next Best Measure’ opportunity identification and management tools

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