Governance – 1st Leg

Governance – 1st Leg

Governance is a key element of all successful program initiatives. It drives the commitment, focus and staying power necessary for effective program adoption and optimal results.

Without governance, results are often less than expected or in the worst case the program fizzles out. Energy & sustainability (E&S) programs are no different – particularly where success = the best material results possible. From our experience there are 5 vital ingredients to a solid program governance:

  1. Executive commitment – drives purpose, focus and staying power.
  2. Agreement on material value – the answer to, “why is this program important to the organization?”
  3. Accountabilities & responsibilities – necessary for effective communication and execution.
  4. Measurable goals & objectives – are we getting the promised results?
  5. Clear understanding of decision-making rules and processes – keep the program moving forward at a pace which delivers the best results possible.

The Foundation of An Ongoing Energy and Sustainability Program

As the 1st leg of our E&S Department service we ensure the governance process is tuned to our customers’ business situation and processes. It begins with helping our customers understand and prioritize the material value of the E&S program relevant to their business goals.

Our dedicated program management team then supports the build-out of the other key elements of governance and then manages and/or supports the on-going delivery of the program to ensure our customers achieve the best material results possible.

Our governance service includes the following deliverables:

Governance Service Deliverables Program Outcome
Executive Commitment Clarity of program‘s material value, relevance and purpose
Clear goals & targets Maintain focus & commitment
Accountabilities & Responsibilities Organizational adoption
Decision-making policies & processes Ability to execute quickly and operationalize into business
Overall Program Framework A road-map to guide the ongoing program execution
On-going Performance Tracking Transparency of results to maintain commitment & momentum

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