Energy & Sustainability Department

Energy & Sustainability Department

Our role is to ensure our clients implement the right measures in the right order with the right suppliers at speed so that they achieve the best results possible in: cost savings, increased occupant well-being, risk management and enhanced brand reputation.

  • A best in class ‘Energy & Sustainability Department’ Energy Advantage offers its clients a best in class energy & sustainability (E&S) Department service.  This unique service combines Energy Advantage’s deep and wide industry expertise, very granular data and a repeatable implementation process to enable the rapid identification of the very best E&S opportunities and the region(s) and facilities where they will provide the best returns. This ability to ‘cherry pick’ the most material and quickest pay-back measures and to determine exactly where they should be deployed ensures clients realize the biggest savings possible relative to capital they deploy and, in turn, achieve the best results possible.
  • Our E&S Department service is the next evolution in our offerings to help customers systematically capitalize on the many opportunities available today and to capture untapped material results. In our 20+ years in the E&S management arena, we have evaluated, tested, and directly delivered or overseen delivery of many E&S different products and services. We constantly research, review and test the latest solutions available in the marketplace.
  • We are fully independent, and not tied to any E&S product or service and can objectively identify, measure and verify all the possibilities available in the marketplace to help our customers evaluate the best options for them from their side of the table.
  • A three – pronged integrated service which identifies and delivers the next best untapped opportunities which can be profitably rolled-out to the highest number of facilities and yield the best material results relative to the capital deployed. We work through a systematic approach which is tuned to our customer’s business processes and priorities. Our repeatable implementation process leverages cost efficiently acquired granular data to continually identify, verify and implement the next best E&S product or service to deliver dramatically better results and take our client’s E&S programs to the next level.

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The Foundation of An Ongoing Energy and Sustainability Program

Information Management

The Centrepiece of a Successful Energy and Sustainability Program


A Systematic Approach to Achieve the Very Best Results Possible