Rob Kirkby
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Over the past thirty years, Rob has founded and led two energy management companies. His passion is to help energy end-user organizations better manage their energy and sustainability related issues, both to increase their profitability and market value and to help ensure his grandchildren avoid the worst consequences of Climate Change. He is now focused on delivering on the vision of our next Energy & Sustainability service evolution.

Brian Plumb

Brian has over 25 years of client relationship, marketing, sales, and business strategy leadership experience within the North American energy & sustainability, and information management services industry. As the leader of our Energy Advantage business, he is responsible for its overall growth and sustainability including: business and product strategy; team development; solution partnerships; and customer relationships.

He holds a Bachelor of Social Science Economics from Western University and a Certificate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor Odette School of Business.

Victoria Sokolyk
Vice President Operations

Victoria leads the overall delivery of our energy and sustainability data management solution offerings. Responsible for service quality and client satisfaction, Victoria brings to this leadership role in-depth energy and sustainability data management expertise, ‘hands-on’ experience across multiple industry sectors in the delivery of utility data management and analysis services, risk management, complex project management, and a passion for service excellence.

Victoria holds a degree in International Economics complemented by development training in energy management practices and Six Sigma process management. Victoria’s versatile background, industry expertise, and sensitivity to societal issues guides our diverse service professionals as we continue to evolve our energy & sustainability data management solution offerings.

Maria Contreras
Vice-President Sustainability Services

With over a decade of experience in ESG and sustainability consulting, Maria leads Energy Advantage’s sustainability reporting & compliance practice. Maria has helped our diverse clientele improve their bottom line by developing and implementing energy and sustainability programs aligned with their business strategies. In addition, as part of her leading role in sustainability programs for Fortune 500 companies and others, Maria has assisted with submissions to numerous reporting frameworks (i.e., CDP, GRESB, SDG, GRI, TCFD, etc.).

Maria holds an M.Sc. in Sustainable Environmental Development & Management and recently completed a diploma in Circular Economy & Sustainability Strategies at Cambridge.