Rob Kirkby
President & Chief Executive Officer

Over the past thirty years, Rob has founded and led two energy management companies. His passion is to help energy end-user organizations better manage their energy and sustainability related issues, both to increase their profitability and market value and to help ensure his grandchildren avoid the worst consequences of Climate Change. He is now focused on delivering on the vision of our next Energy & Sustainability service evolution.

Brian Plumb
VP Client Relationship & Program Management

Brian has over 25 years of customer relationship leadership experience within the North American energy and information management services industry. As the leader of our program management team he is responsible for developing our long-term customer relationships and delivery of program management services. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science Economics from Western University and a Certificate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor Odette School of Business.

Chris Hanlon
VP Implementation Services

Chris has enjoyed over 35 years working across a spectrum of subject matter areas and management roles within the energy utility, supply, risk management, efficiency and environmental disciplines. A consummate energy management professional, he leads the development and delivery of Energy Advantage’s repeatable implementation process and provides his subject matter expertise in support of our customer program management teams.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and multiple executive management certificates in leadership, management, marketing and safety management.

Shane Pepin
VP Product Strategy & Management

Shane is an energy and sustainability professional who has developed, launched and led several strategic Energy Advantage service and solution offerings. This has included the design and delivery of ‘holistic’ energy and sustainability programs on behalf of our customers.

He brings together a trusted industry reputation, knowledge and analytic experience to lead the development of our overall Energy & Sustainability department information management service. Shane holds a Bachelor of Business Commerce from McMaster University and Masters in Environmental Applied Science and Management from Ryerson University.