Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Energy Advantage was founded to help clients manage their energy and sustainability (E&S) needs wisely, thereby increasing their economic viability while at the same time reducing their contribution to climate change. As a trusted and independent partner, Energy Advantage sits on its clients’ side of the table and helps them search the entire E&S marketplace for the best solutions available for their particular circumstances. This ensures our clients obtain the best results possible in terms of E&S cost savings, increased occupant well-being, risk management and enhanced brand reputation.

Greater Opportunity Today – Greater Complexity Today

The focus on Energy & Sustainability (E&S) performance has never been stronger. Costs and global warming risks which are driven by energy, water and waste use continue to increase. For commercial organizations with significant real estate portfolios, these costs and GHG risks are material and represent some of their highest controllable costs and risk. Successful programs are built on solid processes for energy and sustainability data management. Energy Advantage can assist clients to implement best-in-class processes for the management of energy, water, waste, and property data. Our ‘investor grade’ quality data management technology and services combine with our E&S program partners to ensure our clients have available comprehensive, internally consistent, and high-quality E&S information at their fingertips to help make better decisions and drive superior E&S results.

Energy Advantage Approach

Energy Advantage acts as our customer’s energy & sustainability (E&S) department. We can fill in their E&S service gaps or deliver a turnkey solution specific to their E&S goals. Whether it’s GHG emissions reporting, management of utility costs and commodity risks, achieving certifications such as CDP, GRESB, Energy Star or meeting 3rd party compliance standards we can help. As a fully independent service, we are not tied to any product or service; our only focus is to generate the best results for our clients.

For commercial end-users who are looking to start, expand, or support their programs data management requirements more efficiently with a faster material impact – Energy Advantage combines its data management expertise with ‘best in class’ technology solutions to help our customers collect, manage, integrate, and leverage all types/sources of E&S data efficiently at investor grade quality to help make better decisions and drive superior E&S results.

Energy Advantage has been providing E&S management services for over twenty five years to many well-known North American based clients in different market verticals including real estate retail, cinema and hotels. We are very proud of our durability in the constantly changing and extremely dynamic E&S marketplace and attribute it to our ability to continually evolve our service offering to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

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