Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Energy Advantage was founded to help clients manage their energy and sustainability (E&S) needs wisely, thereby increasing their economic viability while at the same time reducing their contribution to climate change. As a trusted and independent partner, Energy Advantage sits on its clients’ side of the table and helps them search the entire E&S marketplace for the best solutions available for their particular circumstances. This ensures our clients obtain the best results possible in terms of E&S cost savings, increased occupant well-being, risk management and enhanced brand reputation.

Greater Opportunity Today – Greater Complexity Today

The past few years have seen many important technological advances in the E&S field coupled with the emergence of hundreds of new companies offering a plethora of innovative new products and services made possible by these advances. One result is that there are more opportunities than ever for organizations to realize material bottom-line results by taking full advantage of the increased options available to them. A second result is that organizations must cope with greatly increased complexity making it very difficult if not impossible for all but the most adept to realize the majority of the potential benefits available to them.

Energy Advantage Approach

Energy Advantage offers client organizations a new path forward to help them fully capitalize on the best of today’s many E&S opportunities. We accomplish this by working with our clients’ existing E&S staff or by acting as their outsourced E&S department when there are no in-house E&S personnel. In either case, we employ the combination of our deep and wide E&S industry expertise, the insights that can be derived from newly available very granular data, and a unique repeatable management process to ensure that our clients implement the right measures in the right order with the right suppliers at speed so that they achieve results that have a material impact on their bottom-line.

Energy Advantage has been providing E&S management services for over twenty years to many well-known North American based clients in different market verticals including cinema, hotels, real estate, restaurants, retail, and senior care. We are very proud of our durability in the constantly changing and extremely dynamic E&S marketplace and attribute it to our ability to continually evolve our service offering to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

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