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About Energy Advantage

Energy Advantage is an independent global energy and environmental management services company

Energy Advantage helps leading organizations manage the complexity of choice they face daily and implement practical and bottom line focused solutions to their energy and environmental challenges. Executives in industries such as real estate, retail, restaurants, lodging and manufacturing face the complex challenge of managing energy and sustainability issues across multiple locations in a manner that delivers tangible results in a consistent and cost effective basis. This complexity is compounded by the range of solutions and choices available in the marketplace.

To simplify these challenges, Energy Advantage has designed a systematic enterprise-wide approach to these challenges called TEEM (Total Energy & Environmental Management). Energy Advantage's TEEM service helps organizations develop a 'best in class' program by ensuring they undertake the right energy and environmental activities in the right order with the right providers to achieve the best possible results.

Energy Advantage has a 15 year track-record of delivering results to its many longstanding customers. Our comprehensive expertise, management services and web-based applications deliver a total program solution which helps organizations manage energy price volatility, reduce energy, water and waste usage, and capture ongoing cost savings through the implementation of total enterprise-wide programs.