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Sample of BI-LO's Grocery Stores

BI-LO Profile

BI-LO supermarket was founded in 1964 and currently has over 215 supermarkets across the United States. Its philosophy of low prices, high quality and excellent services is a key factor in its success.

A New Business Challenge

BI-LO supermarket was evaluating its overall operational and financial performance to uncover practical solution measures to help enhance its performance. BI-LO supermarket, with the support of a leading retail consultant, analyzed its key performance indicators to uncover potential improvements. While covering a variety of areas in their study, they determined that BI-LO supermarket’s energy usage was a major area for improvement.

A Collaborative Solution

As a result, Energy Advantage joined the team and determined BI-LO’s supermarkets energy use was higher than that of industry standards (Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey [CBECS], Department of Energy in US).
Energy Advantage, through a comprehensive solution approach, began its evaluation by looking at four main areas – lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, and HVAC.
Energy Advantage completed multiple site visits to assess potential energy savings under the four areas. BI-LO supermarket’s energy consumption data was analyzed and results from the site visits were combined together to produce an energy savings business case.
The business case listed a variety of opportunities, associated costs and achievable savings related to these opportunities, including a pilot implementation to validate and crystallize the savings.

Measurable & Tangible Results

Consistent with the savings opportunities identified in the business case, BI-LO supermarkets chose 4 pilot stores to implement re-commissioning of refrigeration and HVAC energy saving measures.
Energy Advantage worked closely with BI-LO supermarket to develop an overall plan including technical requirements and vendor selection in support of the re-commissioning implementation.
The pilot ran for 3 months and within those 3 months BI-LO supermarket saw a reduction in their energy use by 7-9%. Based on the findings of the pilot, BI-LO supermarket has rolled out energy savings measures across 80 stores in North America enhancing its profitability and reputation within the communities it serves.