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Corporate Sustainability

What is the linkage between corporate sustainability and bottom line results? Why are sustainability indexes gaining popularity? What is the value of disclosing your company?s performance through public indexes? Are your competitors reporting their sustainability performance?

Key questions like these are being posed at organizations across the globe with the recognition of the value of including sustainability performance as a core element of their company?s business model.

This paper discusses how tracking and publicly disclosing your sustainability performance can positively impact your bottom line and the valuation of your business. Best in class companies are demonstrating that those who report their sustainability performance are capturing market advantage, driving efficiencies throughout their value chains, improving competitiveness and boosting brand reputation.

This paper looks at:

  • The definition of corporate sustainability
  • Sustainability indexes that exist today
  • The value of public disclosure of sustainability performance
  • Where to get started if you don?t have a reporting strategy in place today
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