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Energy Benchmarking

Best results in energy and sustainability management begins with a benchmark

Today large and small organizations alike recognize the strategic impact of energy and sustainability challenges on their business including risk exposure, financial performance and reputation. It’s important that companies consider the following key questions:

  • Does your organization have a proactive energy policy?
  • Are you organized effectively for energy management?
  • Do you have an enterprise-wide data management system?
  • Are you happy with your current results?

Through our Total Energy and Environmental Management Assessment- TEEM Assessment Energy Advantage can help you answer these questions by benchmarking your organization against key implementation success factors - commitment, organization, data management and execution - from an industry ?best practice? perspective. We will identify any gaps and present a strategic roadmap to developing an effective total energy and environmental management plan.

Benchmarking Roadmap

Best Practice Benchmarking

We recognize that one size does not fit all so we can provide assessment options which are tailored to your current business requirements. These options range from a high level assessment to understand your company’s performance, to a detailed assessment including recommended opportunities. Depending on the assessment option, we will look at three main areas of your organization:

Area Scope
Energy Data High level analysis of your energy and environmental data to understand your existing energy performance
Organizational/Behavioural A facilitated assessment that evaluates commitment, resource dedication, data management and execution across the organization
Facility & Operations High level review of sample facility operations and technology for potential conservation and efficiency opportunities

No matter what, this assessment will set you on the right track to develop your organization?s strategic energy and environmental program plan.

To benchmark your company against industry 'best practices' contact Energy Advantage today.