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Total Energy & Environmental Management


Today organizations are looking for solutions to their complex energy and environmental challenges that quickly deliver quantifiable ongoing bottom-line results. This has become increasingly more complex given the 100's of solutions available in today's marketplace.

Our 15 years of experience in working with a diverse range of multi-location organizations has shown that taking the right actions, in the right order, with the right solution providers is key to gaining the very best results in continuous cost savings. It begins with the recognition that effective energy and environmental management is an on-going process not a project.

Figure 1. Energy Advantage's TEEM Performance Improvement Process

TEEM Performance Improvement Process

Energy Advantage TEEM is our unique approach to responding to our customer's energy and environmental challenges. TEEM leverages data in as many ways possible through a systematic approach which prioritizes the right actions with the right solution providers, targeted at each organization's unique business goals. In this approach each action builds upon the previous ones to maintain momentum with a clear focus on delivering bottom-line results within an integrated energy and environmental program.

Through TEEM we provide:

  • Our deep energy and environmental expertise and partnership network;
  • A systematic process to quickly establish ambitious achievable goals, identify the best opportunities and prioritize the right actions in the right order within an enterprise-wide program;
  • The integration and implementation of the actions beginning with the lowest cost and highest return actions;
  • Comprehensive energy and environmental performance analytics; and
  • Supporting web-based software tools and a custom portal to provide actionable information and the ongoing monitoring and verification of results for continuous improvement.

Whether you are well down the sustainability road or just beginning, we designed TEEM to be an open approach so it can integrate data, applications and services from third party providers while we, at Energy Advantage, provide your organization with ongoing actionable information so you can achieve superior bottom-line results.