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BOMA Toronto CDM Program Incentives Doubled

Toronto, Ontario, 9-December-2009 - BOMA Toronto's Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program has doubled incentives for all non-lighting projects.

Effective immediately, the new incentive rates are:

  • $800 per kilowatt of on-peak demand savings or $0.10 per kilowatt-hour annual consumption savings for non-lighting projects;
  • $400 per kilowatt of on-peak demand savings or $0.05 per kilowatt-hour annual consumption savings for lighting projects; and
  • $250 per cooling ton (for ground source cooling projects).

The incentives remain capped at 40 percent of the total eligible project costs. Office, retail, and hospitality properties, 25,000 square feet or greater in the 416 telephone exchange are eligible for the BOMA CDM Program.

The increase in incentives is designed to reflect the value of conservation to the electricity system and to motivate building owners, managers and tenants to undertake major electricity saving projects in 2010.

Energy Advantage® has a long standing partnership with BOMA Toronto and is a qualified channel partner under BOMA Toronto CDM Programs. With over 12 years in the energy industry, Energy Advantage® has secured over $3.4 million in incentive funding on behalf of our customers.

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For more information about BOMA Toronto’s CDM Programs click here or contact Energy Advantage®.

About BOMA Toronto CDM Program

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program has been contracted to deliver electricity conservation to the Ontario commercial real estate market as part of the OPA's larger plan to deliver 6300 megawatts of electricity reduction in Ontario from various sources. The available generous incentives, capped at 40% of the eligible projects costs, are for on-peak demand, annual consumption or cooling ton reduction. The Program is designed to maximize participation by the avoidance of both 'process' and 'contractual' complications and the quick delivery of incentive payments.

About Energy Advantage Inc.

Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them best results in managing their risks, reducing their costs and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Our company is fully independent from energy commodity and equipment suppliers. We sit with our customers on their side of the table, providing objectivity in seeking and developing the best solutions to their sustainability challenges. With a depth of expertise in the energy and energy related environmental areas, we have been providing notable North American organizations with effective energy management solutions for over 12 years.