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Tag: Monitoring and Verification

Sustainability Series | Performance Measurement Plan

April 19th, 2012, No Comments

By: Tiffany Richmond
Now that you’ve identified, analyzed and implemented certain measures the last step is to measure, verify and report the performance of the program. The purpose of a performance measurement plan is to provide ongoing accountability, to identify proper savings and measure goal and/or target achievements.
There are best practice documents available for different types [...]

Monitoring and Verification: Verifying your Energy Savings

February 25th, 2010, No Comments

By: Peter Rowles
How do you measure and verify something you can’t see? The task of convincing today’s skeptics that your actions have created energy use and cost savings can be a daunting one. Hopefully this article will shed some light on this topic.
Verifying savings is important for an organization for many valid reasons. In some [...]