How Climate Change can Influence your Investment Portfolio

By: Tiffany Richmond Climate change risk is embedded in every investment portfolio, as companies worldwide face regulatory, legal, physical and competitive risks. Climate policies, such as, regulating greenhouse gas emissions can influence an organization’s cost structure, create new market and product opportunities, affect competition and alter demand patterns. Climate change policies can also influence an[…]

4 Ways Businesses Can Advance Their Greenhouse Gas Management Goals

By: Jordan Hall I recently came across an article on GreenBiz that discusses how to drive greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the supply chain and strategies that can help advance companies GHG management goals.  Below I have summarized the key strategies that are discussed in the article.  To read the full article click here. There[…]

Climate Change Continues to Impact Supply Chain Management

By: Jordan Hall As climate change continues to have a large impact on business operations, reporting on greenhouse gas emissions has become a standard in major corporations throughout the world (1). In many business sectors, supply chain emissions from actions such as transportation, packaging and processing often surpass those arising from a company’s own operations[…]

Chicago Climate Exchange Closes its Doors

By: Associate The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) recently announced that it will be shutting down its carbon exchange market at the end of this year, presumably in large part due to stalled cap and trade legislation which failed to pass in congress last week. Had this legislation been passed it would have introduced a national[…]

5 Steps To Take To Prepare For Carbon Regulations

By: Tiffany Richmond With a number of carbon use centric statutory and regulatory actions taking shape across North America, such as US American Clean Energy Act, Western Climate Initiative and sustainability reporting requirements from the Ontario Securities Commission, carbon use transparency will have an increased level of business impact on many organizations. It’s crucial for[…]

Financial Mechanism to Reduce Carbon Emissions

By: Peter Rowles The topic of climate change has been hotly debated for the past 20 years. Until recently, scientists, politicians and business leaders, especially in North America, have not been able to agree on the existence of the problem let alone what measures should be taken to mitigate it. It is only recently that[…]

The Impact of Climate Change and Supply Chain Management

By: Tiffany Richmond Organizations are prompted to take a holistic view towards carbon management with the issue of greenhouse gas emission constantly topping government agendas and compelling scientific evidence indicating that climate change is real(1). Organizations are not just looking at their own operations and how to manage their own emissions but now are looking[…]

Copenhagen: Key Issues, Challenges and Summit Outcome

By: Tiffany Richmond After two weeks of discussions between 192 countries and 110 world leaders, the United Nations Climate Change conference comes to a conclusion, the Copenhagen Accord. Veering close to a farcical collapse, political protests and slower than expected negotiations, Copenhagen was a far cry from participant’s high hopes of concluding the conference with[…]