Execution drives great results. 

Energy Advantage’s program management services are delivered by our Program Managers. Their role is to help our clients navigate their way through the E&S Opportunity Matrix in a way that is most beneficial to them. Our process involves the selection, implementation and integration, and continuing oversight of the right E&S measures in the right order with the right third party suppliers to ensure achievement of the best possible results.

Navigation through the E&S Opportunity Matrix NavigatingMazerelies both on certain rules that logic and/or our experience suggest must always be followed and on a repeatable process for determining the next best action where these rules do not apply.

An example of an Opportunity Matrix rule would be that data should always be collected to establish a baseline condition before implementing an E&S measure for the first time. This ensures that the consequences of the implementation can be determined with precision and that the measure is not implemented in other situations based on assumed rather than known impacts.

In cases where the order in which measures should be undertaken cannot be determined by rules, our process involves undertaking pilots for the measures to determine which has the most beneficial impact. A business case is then developed to determine the economics of deploying this most beneficial measure throughout the client’s building portfolio.

There is a continuous stream of new E & S products and services being introduced to the market. The determination of which, if any, of these new products and services are worthy of consideration by our client for at least pilot testing is dependent on two things. The first is the knowledge that these new products and services are available and the second is the ability to determine whether they represent an applicable and potentially material opportunity for our client.

Energy Advantage is well qualified to act as its clients’ eyes and ears when it comes to identifying new E & S products and services and new E & S service providers and vendors. Energy Advantage’s clients collectively have many thousands of locations. Not many new products or services enter the marketplace without at least one of our clients alerting us to its presence. In addition, we have an internal group whose sole purpose is to keep track of the different E & S products and services available in the marketplace and the companies who provide these products and services.

Energy Advantage is also well positioned and qualified to quickly determine whether particular E&S products and services are applicable to our clients and whether their adoption could potentially be very material to their businesses. Our information management group develops and maintains a comprehensive database on our clients’ E & S situations and requirements against which new products and services can be quickly compared to determine the fit.

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