Information Management

Great results start with great data

Accurate, timely, and relevant information leads to making informed decisions and understanding the results of the decisions made.

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The good news is the E & S market has no shortage of data that can help organizations achieve best-in-class results. The challenge is in capturing and then leveraging this data  in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner, as the data comes from many different sources, in different formats, and in different frequencies.

Energy Advantage collects your data from wherever it may reside and brings it together into a single, convenient, and accessible platform. We combine a proven track record of managing data and
E & S expertise to provide:

  • Relevant data and information when and where it is needed;
  • Data to support existing management and reporting needs; and
  • Data analysis so that we can properly manage your E & S program on your behalf.

Having the right information management solution in place with Energy Advantage will facilitate:

  • Retrieving and using all relevant E & S data in a single source and format;
  • Setting goals and regularly measuring progress towards achieving them;
  • Gaining new insights that may not be evident when individual data sources are viewed in isolation;
  • Quickly determining whether particular E & S service products or service offerings are applicable and material; and
  • Providing data to third party service providers and suppliers as required.

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