Our Services

Today’s energy end-users are confronted with a very large and constantly changing slate of energy and sustainability (E & S) products, services and software applications offered by an ever evolving array of service providers, vendors and software developers.

The E & S business is not their core business so many energy end-users are understandably overwhelmed by the complexity of choice. Moreover, they generally do not spend enough on energy to justify the substantial, diverse and expensive in-house staff that would be required to deliver superior results in their E & S business. Outside parties that might help often are either limited in the range of issues they can help with or are providers of E & S products or services themselves and, therefore, in a conflict of interest situation.

Energy Advantage has the breadth and depth of experience and expertise required to help with all the E & S issues its clients face. Moreover, it does not provide products, services or software applications that compete with other E & S providers and therefore can offer truly unbiased advice to its clients.

Energy Advantage helps its energy end-use clients to manage their E & S issues so that they obtain the best possible results and, in this way, create a substantial competitive advantage for themselves. It does this by helping ensure that they undertake the right E & S activities in the right order with the right third party suppliers.

Energy Advantage’s services are delivered in two distinct phases: an Assessment; and Program Implementation.

The Assessment consists of an independent, expert review of your current E & S performance. This normally takes about one month and addresses three different areas:

  •  Opportunity Review: how well and completely have your E & S issues been addressed to date;
  • What’s in the Way?: an analysis of factors that might be impeding better E & S performance; and
  • Size of the Prize: a determination of your current total E & S spend and an estimate of what this spend might be reduced to over a three year period.

Program Implementation is focused on identifying and implementing the E & S activities and measures that lead to the best possible results in terms of lower costs, reduced risks and enhanced reputation. The Implementation phase consists of three main components:

  • Program Governance: This provides a solid foundation for the program by ensuring that there are clear goals, policies and responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Information Management: This consists of building a comprehensive E & S database to provide a solid data foundation for the program.
  • Implementation: This involves the selection, implementation and continuing oversight of the right measures in the right order with the right third party suppliers to achieve the program’s goals.