Energy Incentive Series: BC Hydro Continuous Optimization Program

By: Tiffany Richmond The next incentive discussed in our series is BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization Program. This program is a part of BC Hydro’s Power Smart program for commercial buildings. What is it? The BC Hydro Continuous Optimization program focuses on operational conservation measures, “low or no-cost” measures that do not require the purchase and[…]

Energy Incentive Series: A Look into Energy Incentive Programs Across Canada

By: Tiffany Richmond There are multiple local distribution company (LDC) across Canada. That also means there are many energy incentive options. If you’ve had experience with energy incentives then you know how complex and daunting understanding and applying for each incentive can be. To help eliminate some of the noise and complications of understanding what[…]

4 Ways Businesses Can Advance Their Greenhouse Gas Management Goals

By: Jordan Hall I recently came across an article on GreenBiz that discusses how to drive greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the supply chain and strategies that can help advance companies GHG management goals.  Below I have summarized the key strategies that are discussed in the article.  To read the full article click here. There[…]

My Household Challenge: Upgrading to Energy Efficient Lighting

By: Dar Danesh Recently, I came across an article that was discussing the increase in utility costs for commercial buildings in Dubai and what businesses were doing to adopt energy saving initiatives to control these rising energy costs. Articles like this are not far to come by. The awareness level of energy management in the[…]

Best in Class | The True Story of a Little Building that is Transforming the Industry

By: Randi Kruse December is often a time of reflection. Maybe it’s the long, dark nights or the prospect of another year passing. Perhaps our work has become less inspired or the international news has caused us to pause and wonder: is there reason for hope in the world? I’d like to highlight a project[…]

Flick Off: The True Story of an Engineer Who Discovered His Soft Side and is Reaping The Benefits

By: Randi Kruse Energy managers have it tough. They are expected to deliver significant reductions in energy use across multiple locations, often with relatively small operating budgets. Since most municipalities and leading businesses have greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, it’s critical to their public reputation that their energy managers achieve success. But with aging infrastructure[…]

How to Implement & Manage an Energy Management Program

By: Tiffany Richmond This short e-book describes the key elements in implementing and managing an energy and environmental management program How to Implement & Manage an Energy Management Program View more presentations from Energy Advantage. Tiffany Richmond is an enthusiastic marketing professional and is responsible for online marketing strategies at Energy Advantage Inc.

How Are Green Certifications, Standards And Labels Evolving?

By: Tiffany Richmond I came across a recent article discussing the question: is the current system of certifications, standards and labels evolving in ways that improve product design, help companies and consumers make more sustainable purchasing decisions and lead to better overall policy? Many believe that the needle is moving in a big way, but[…]