The Business Case for LEED Part 2: What is the Process? Why Should I Certify?

By: Jordan Hall In part one – understanding which rating system is best for you – I introduced LEED and discussed the various rating systems that are available and the unique characteristics of each.  But before you determine which rating system applies to your project, it’s important to understand that not everyone can apply for LEED[…]

The Business Case for LEED Part 1- Understanding Which Rating System is Best for You

By: Jordan Hall The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is made up of tens of thousands of member companies, chapters, students and community volunteers that are moving the building industry forward.   They are 79 chapters, 14,000 member organizations and 162,000 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) professionals strong, and they share the same vision[…]

Re-commissioning/Retro-commissioning/Existing Building Commissioning/Continuous Commissioning – What’s the Best Approach for Me?

By: Luke Ferdinands When it comes to energy conservation there’s a lot of buzz about re-commissioning. But as I move through professional meetings, conferences and even casual conversations I keep hearing about not only re-commissioning but also retro-commissioning, on-going commissioning, continuous commissioning and existing building commissioning. Sometimes the terms are used almost interchangeably but as[…]

Energy Incentive Series: High Performance New Construction

By: Tiffany Richmond The next incentive covered in our series is High Performance New Construction. This program is a part of Ontario Power Authority (OPA) saveONenergy program. What is it? The High Performance New Construction program provides design assistance and funding for building owners and architects who exceed the electricity efficiency standards specified in the[…]

Overcoming Landlord-Tenant Barriers Leads to Greater Energy Efficiency

By: Jordan Hall When discussing energy efficiency retrofits in buildings, there have been long ongoing debates on the best way to get landlords and tenants to agree on an energy efficiency strategy.  To date, conversations around energy efficiency between tenants and landlords have been emphasized on the fact that the landlords have to pay for[…]

Energy Efficiency Incentive for Commercial Buildings in the Calgary, Alberta Region

By: Tiffany Richmond The Pembina Institute has recently launched an Energy Efficiency (EE) Check pilot program that supports energy efficiency retrofits for large commercial buildings as well as smaller and mid-size industrial facilities. The EE Check program can assist building owners and managers to defray the up-front costs with energy audits or targeted energy efficiency[…]

Energy Incentive Series: SaskEnergy Commercial HVAC Program

By: Tiffany Richmond The next incentive covered in our series is SaskEnergy’s Commercial HVAC Program. This program is available through participating SaskEnergy Commercial & Residential Network Members and provides incentives based on the incremental price of energy-efficient natural gas boilers, furnaces, and rooftop units. What is it? The Commercial HVAC Program is designed to encourage[…]

Energy Incentive Series: Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Commercial Building Optimization Program

By: Tiffany Richmond The next incentive discussed in our series is Manitoba Hydro’s Commercial Building Optimization Program. This program is a part of Manitoba Hydro Power Smart program for commercial buildings. What is it? The Commercial Building Optimization Program (CBOP) can help you improve the energy efficiency of your building through a re-commissioning process with[…]