Cineplex Entertainment


Cineplex Entertainment Profile

Cineplex Entertainment (Cineplex), with 129 theatres housing 1,342 screens extending from British Columbia to Quebec, is the leading motion picture exhibitor in Canada. Cineplex is the largest exhibitor of digital, 3D and IMAX projection technologies in Canada and serves more than 70 million guests annually.

A New Business Challenge

As the industry leader, Cineplex recognized the need to be proactive and take on the key economic and sustainability challenges faced by the industry. Significant attention, both internal and external, had been focused on the environmental impact of the Company’s operations.

The amount of energy required to operate a theatre results in substantial energy costs. With multiple show times per film, multiple screens per theatre, climate control, concessions, and 129 theatres nationwide, the Company recognized an opportunity to reduce its environmental impact. Committed to reducing both its energy spend and its impact on the environment, Cineplex sought to develop a comprehensive energy management program.

A Collaborative Solution

Cineplex partnered with Energy Advantage to help develop its energy management solution. With the vision of implementing a holistic corporate-wide program, Cineplex first set out to establish an effective energy data foundation. This provided the basis for a solid understanding of the company’s total energy costs and environmental impacts.

After collecting, analyzing, and reporting on Cineplex’s energy data, Energy Advantage presented a strategic energy and environmental program that identified numerous energy saving opportunities including managing billing errors, improving technology inefficiencies, and improving overall operational practices.

Measurable & Tangible Results

With a plan in place Cineplex began implementing several key opportunities for the reduction of its energy consumption and costs. First, Cineplex implemented a data management solution to improve the accuracy of its utility bill tracking, thereby avoiding many unnecessary costs, including administrative expenses, late-payment charges, and billing errors.

Secondly, Cineplex implemented an energy procurement program to manage the risks of energy price volatility. This program provided Cineplex with secure fixed energy pricing. Thirdly, Cineplex implemented several energy efficiency projects including major retrofits to its theatres that involved the installation and automation of efficient lighting and climate controls.

Most importantly, Cineplex has established an energy conservation culture amongst its employees, making energy and environmental management a core on-going business strategy of the company. Cineplex and Energy Advantage continue to evaluate its energy management program annually to ensure it supports the company’s corporate-wide objectives of energy cost savings and greenhouse gas reductions.