Energy Incentive Series: High Performance New Construction

Energy IncentivesBy: Tiffany Richmond

The next incentive covered in our series is High Performance New Construction. This program is a part of Ontario Power Authority (OPA) saveONenergy program.

What is it?

The High Performance New Construction program provides design assistance and funding for building owners and architects who exceed the electricity efficiency standards specified in the Ontario Building Code.

There are two components for this incentive:

  1. Prescriptive: incentives based on standard efficiency measures
  2. Custom: incentives based on modelled energy performance

What is the incentive?

The program supports up to 100% of the cost of modelling a building (up to $10,000) for building owners and provides incentives for every kilowatt saved.

Program Incentive
Prescriptive Up to $400 for every kilowatt saved (lighting measures) and up to $75 per appliance
Custom Up to 25% above code $400 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.05/kWh of energy savings
Between 25%-50%% above code $600 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.075/kWh of energy savings
Greater than 50% above code $800 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.10/kWh of energy savings

What are the requirements?

To qualify, the projects must be in Ontario, comply with Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code (OBC), and be intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential occupancy.

Who can apply for the incentive?

Eligible new buildings and major renovation projects in office buildings, industrial buildings, retail spaces, multi-residential buildings, housing complexes, colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels and motels can participate.

To learn more about the High Performance New Construction program click here.

Tiffany Richmond has over five years of experience as a marketing professional and is responsible for online marketing strategies at Energy Advantage Inc.

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