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E&EM News

Articles about energy and environmental matters happening around the world.

Reality Check: The State of Climate Progress in Canada
On the eve of Rio+20, a new report by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy says despite making progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Canada is not on track to achieve its 2020 reduction target of 17% below 2005 levels.

How Corporate Social Responsibility Improved These Companies’ Bottom Lines
Canadian Tire is just one example of companies both large and small that have rallied under the banner of corporate social responsibility (CSR)—the notion that business should have a moral conscience on social issues, and a concern for the needs of future generations when it comes to the environment.

Will Europe Cut Greenhouse Gases by 30% By 2020?
Pro-environment business organization the Aldersgate Group convened a meeting to discuss the EU proposals to cut greenhouse gases (GHGs) by 30% by 2020. Currently the EU is committed to a 20% reduction. What would be the consequences, both environmental and economic of going for the higher target?

Empire State Building Becomes Model for Energy Efficiency
New York’s iconic Empire State Building’s astonishing architecture looks much the same as it did 81 years ago, but a recent retrofit will reduce its energy consumption by almost 38 percent. At nearly a century young, the building is setting an example for modern day efficiency.

How Energy Benchmarking Can Boost Your Building’s Efficiency
Energy benchmarking can help you better understand your commercial property’s energy use and monitor performance over time. It allows for comparisons among similar building types and helps identify which ones could operate more efficiently.

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