Energy Incentive Series: Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Commercial Building Optimization Program

energy incentiveBy: Tiffany Richmond

The next incentive discussed in our series is Manitoba Hydro’s Commercial Building Optimization Program. This program is a part of Manitoba Hydro Power Smart program for commercial buildings.

What is it?

The Commercial Building Optimization Program (CBOP) can help you improve the energy efficiency of your building through a re-commissioning process with additional focus on documentation and training to realize persistence of savings.

The program consists of five phases:

  • Pre-screening – Manitoba Hydro meets with building owners and reviews pre-qualification applications. If the building owners meet pre-qualification criteria by Manitoba Hydro, the building owner then complete an application and selects a commissioning provider.
  • Scoping – commissioning provider develops scoping study project plan, including interviews, surveys, documentation review, etc.
  • Investigation – commissioning provider conducts site assessment, identifies opportunities, implementation costs, timelines, measurement and verification plan and presents findings report to customer with recommendations.
  • Implementation – implements recommended measures with a simple payback of two years or less.
  • Persistence – on-going training for continuous improvement.

What is the incentive?

Phase Incentive
Pre-screening N/A
Scoping $2,500 for the scoping study
Investigation Up to $0.14 per sq. ft. for the investigation study
Implementation Up to $0.05 per sq. ft. for measures that have payback greater than two years (maximum of $10,000)
Persistence Up to $5,000

Note: measure implemented must be rolled-out in a one year time period.

Who can apply for this incentive?

Large commercial buildings in the Manitoba Hydro service area only. To find out if your building is eligible contact Manitoba Hydro.

Steps to get started:

  • Contact Manitoba Hydro for a pre-qualification application.
  • Submit your completed pre-qualification application to Manitoba Hydro.
  • Once approved for the program, you will be required to complete an application and agreement which identifies your investment, incentives, and program process.
  • Hire a commissioning provider and choose your CBOP team to identify energy saving opportunities.

The CBOP has seen typical projects saving up to 15% of a total building’s energy costs that has a simple payback period averaging less than two years.

To learn more about the CBOP click here.

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