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Materials’ Scarcity and Rising Costs are Fuel for a VERGE Future
The convergence of new technologies in information management, energy, transportation and building is underpinning an unprecedented wave of change in businesses and society. The rapid adoption of new and more sustainable technologies is being driven not by the emergence of novel capabilities, but by pressing business needs.

Five Ultra-Green Corporate Headquarters
These companies’ commitment to green sustainability reflects in the eco-wow factors of their green corporate headquarters – Google Campus, Hearst Tower, Suzlon One Earth Corporate Headquarters, Bank of America, Whole Foods Market Corporate Headquarters.

BC Launches Incentive Program for Natural Gas Vehicles
The B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines announces a Greenhouse Gas Reduction regulation that advances the adoption and deployment of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in B.C. The regulation permits a utility to spend up to $62 million on vehicle and ferry incentives, up to $12 million on compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling stations and up to $30.5 million on liquefied natural gas stations, for a total of $104.5 million.

Walmart puts Sustainability into Overdrive
To meet its ambitious sustainability goals, Walmart has reorganized its Sustainable Value Networks to better coordinate and leverage global assets, and accelerate speed to market.

Hudson Pipeline Approval is Sure to Draw Mixed Reviews
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved construction of a much-debated natural gas pipeline that will run beneath the Hudson River from New Jersey into the West Village in Manhattan, connecting with Con Edison’s distribution system.

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