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‘Low-Carbon Economy’ Presents Early Escape from Darker Future 
A switch to a low carbon economy could help avoid a future of water scarcity, flooding, and desertification, especially in the already vulnerable Middle East and North Africa regions.  Continuing with business as usual does not guarantee a safe future.  Economist Dirk Messner warns that if the global community doesn’t react within one or two decades, it will run into irreversible dynamics.

Bill Gates on the Five Miracles Needed for Energy and Climate Challenges
Bill Gates recently spoke with several CEO’s and corporate leaders about how he has accelerated his involvement in clean energy solutions.  He is dedicating significant amounts of time and resources to pursue clean energy solutions.  Bill Gates’ goal is to get the world’s emissions to Zero within 75 years.  In order to make this happen, we need to focus on five areas: carbon capture, nuclear, solar, wind and bio fuels.

Want a ‘Green’ Building? Build it for Disasters
A growing number of architects and planners are making the case that a green building should be defined as one that doesn’t need to be rebuilt after disaster strikes.  The US Green Building Council’s LEED system rewards builders for installing energy-efficient lighting and gray water capture systems, but doesn’t give incentives for building structures that can withstand earthquakes or hurricanes; at least, not yet.

Is this the Dawn of Dark Days for Solar Power?
One of the world’s leading markets for solar power, Germany, is pulling back its subsidies.  What does this tell the rest of us?  It should tell us that we need to get serious about energy and climate policy.

Ontario Energy Sector Changes Coming Soon
The province of Ontario has been looking into merging certain agencies and to find ways to dial back costs, and changes could begin to the energy sector as early as this summer.  The Liberals have promised a review of the sector in their budget.

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