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The Benefits of Building Efficiency Go Far Beyond Energy Costs
America’s 120 million buildings consume a prodigious amount of energy — 42 percent of the nation’s primary energy, 72 percent of its electricity, and 34 percent of its directly used natural gas. They use more energy than any country except China and the United States as a whole.

Canada’s Environment Minister and International Partners Launch New Global Climate and Clean Air Initiative
A new global initiative aimed at making rapid progress on countering climate change and improving air quality. The new initiative, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, is composed of six participating countries–Bangladesh, Canada, Ghana, Mexico, Sweden and the United States–and supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Doing the Deal: Joint Ventures in the Oil Patch Tough to Pull off
Joint ventures have become the most popular channel for new dollars to flow into the Canadian oil patch today. The past few years have seen a torrent of these deals, as Chinese, South Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and other overseas investors spend billions to lock up parts of the West’s enormous reserves of oil and gas.

3 Common Sustainability Hurdles that Every Company Must Overcome
When it comes to understanding and embracing sustainability, organizations know the what and the why, but they’re still grappling with the how.

Green Google Tops Cool IT Leaderboard
Search engine giant Google is the greenest IT company, says the Greenpeace International environmental campaigning body. Google has overtaken chip manufacturer Cisco and electronics firm Ericsson in the latest Cool IT Leaderboard, Greenpeace International has announced.

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