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What Conservation Must Look Like in the 21st Century
Green influence has been dwindling. A series of polls in the US asked how many agreed with the statement, “Most environmentalists are extremists, not reasonable people.” In 1996, 32 percent agreed. In 2004, 43 percent agreed. Now it’s over 50 percent who think environmentalists are unreasonable.

India’s Leather Industry Told To Clean Up Its Act
Through Utter Pradesh and West Bengal, treatment plants turning raw hide into a preserved material suitable for designers and manufacturers across the world. Yet the environmental impact of the industry on the Ganga River on which is rests has long been a thorn in the side of the Indian government.

New York Times Is All Hot Air On Shale Gas
The United States is currently producing more natural gas than at any time in history, on track for 27 trillion cubic feet this year. This is thanks in large part to the breakthroughs in drilling shale formations.

Do Better CSR Reports Lead to Better Corporate Citizens?
For as long as companies have been communicating their CSR efforts, analysts and investors — and concerned individuals, of course — have been asking whether stronger reports lead to better companies. In the course of a recent study we conducted at CSRHUB, we think we’ve found a conclusive answer.

Whole Foods, News Corp, Adobe Lead Renewable Procurement
News Corporation, Kohl’s, TD Bank and Adobe Systems are sector leaders in renewable energy purchasing, and Whole Foods is a “global wind energy champion”, according to new research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

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