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Why Managing the Data Behind Your Energy Dashboard is Crucial
There’s a lot of hoopla in the industry today about dashboards, especially energy-related dashboards. While dashboards are ultimately the user interface into building and energy data, very little attention has been given to the quality and management of the data behind the dashboards.

India Wants Market to Curb Emissions
With four times the population of the United States, an economy growing 8 percent to 9 percent a year and surging energy demand, India’s race to become an economic power has propelled it to No.3 on the list of top carbon polluters, after China and the United States.

Pricey Oil Fuelling Dirtier Projects
It has often been said that even without a price on carbon there will be a meaningful shift to renewable energy sources once global oil supply peaks. At that point, the idea is that crude prices — along with the price of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel — will begin to shoot up, making biofuels, low-emission synthetic fuels and green electricity for transportation a better bargain and investment target over time.

What is the Backstory on Google’s Renewables Play?
Google announced yet another big wind buy, this one in California’s Tehachapi Mountains. The company paid $55 million for a piece of the 102-megawatt Alta IV wind farm built by renewables developer Terra-Gen Poweras part of its multi-phase 1,550-megawatt Alta Wind Center (AWC).

Stanley Cup to Be Water-Neutral
The league has pledged to track the total water used at the two host venues, Vancouver’s Rogers Arena and Boston’s TD Garden, including everything from rinks to faucets.

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